Password Caddy - Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I change the master password?
    The first thing you need to do is exit any caddy you may have open and get back to the opening screen. To do this you need to back out of any passwords you have open and get back to the Caddy Dashboard. Once at the Caddy dashboard you need to tap the "Close" button at the top right side of the screen.

    This will take you to Password Caddy's main screen where the list of caddies is displayed. (Most users have only one Caddy) To change the master password tap on the disclosure icon button on the right hand side of the Caddy Button. See below:

    This will take you into the details of the Caddy. From here you can change the name of the Caddy, the master password as well as set a new password hint. Before you can change anything, however, you will need to enter the existing master password.
  • My Backup icon is gone!
    With the release of Password Caddy 2.50 and iOS 5 backing up is a thing of the past. iCloud integration into Password Caddy has replaced the need for backups as backups happen automatically for you anytime you change the data in Password Caddy.

    All you need to do is to properly set up iCloud and enable iCloud within Password Caddy.
  • Password Caddy won't let me turn on iCloud. Help!
    Password Caddy requires that iCloud is properly setup in order for it to allow you to use iCloud. To set up iCloud please try the following.

    1) Open the 'Settings' App

    2) Find the iCloud Settings

    3) Make sure you are logged in. You should see something like the following near the top of the page:

    4) Make sure you have space available. To do so go into 'Storage and Backup' (near the bottom) and note how much free space you have on iCloud.


    5) Once you have verified you have iCloud storage space, backup up one level to the iCloud settings and make sure 'Documents and Data' is turned on.

    Note: If you turn on 'Use Cellular' you will have a better iCloud experience for syncing documents and data but your data usage may increase beyond your cellular data plan. Password Caddy's data usage is minimal but other apps may use more.

    You should now be setup to use iCloud in Password Caddy.

  • How do I turn on/off iCloud within Password Caddy?
    To turn on iCloud within Password Caddy go to the home page of the app and tap the (i) icon at the top left of the screen.

    Next scroll to the bottom of the page and change the iCloud setting.

    Note: Turning iCloud off will remove the caddies you are sharing with your other iOS devices, so that they are only available on the device you are turning iCloud off on.
  • How do I know iCloud is actually storing anything?
    1) Open the 'Settings' App

    2) Find the iCloud Settings

    3) Tap 'Storage and Backup'

    4) Find the 'Documents and Data' section and look for a 'Password Caddy' section. If you see one then you know Password Caddy is storing data on iCloud.

    5) To get a little more information about what is stored you can tap the 'Password Caddy' section above and see an entry for each caddy as well as be able to delete your caddies off iCloud and the device. (Use sparingly, as this cannot be undone!)

  • Can I view/edit my passwords on the desktop?
    Short Answer No.

    We are currently researching our options to for a desktop client that will allow viewing and editing of password entries. Sign up to our newsletter and keep informed on updates in this area.
  • Help! I forgot my master password.
    There is nothing we can do if you forget your master password. If there was, would Password Caddy really be secure?

    Keep trying until you remember it. Don't forget passwords are case-sensitive.

    Good luck, we hope you remember it.
  • Can I share the same passwords between my iPhone and iPad?
    Yes with iCloud you can now share your data with all your devices that are logged into the same iCloud account!
  • Is there a way to alphabetize the list of passwords?
    No, not at this time. But its a top requested feature that will be in a future update of Password Caddy
  • When I run the desktop application I get a missing dll error. (Deprecated)
    The message "The program can't start because dnssd.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." is due to iTunes not being installed on the machine you are trying to backup from.

    The solution is to either install iTunes or if you do not need iTunes you can simply install "Bonjour Print Services for Windows" from Apple.
  • How do I perform a backup (Deprecated)?
    As of Password Caddy 2.50 Backups are no longer supported as iCloud has completely replaced the need for backups.

    The following is for those still using version 2.25 or older.

    To perform a backup do the following.

    1 Download and install the desktop software found here on this site
    2 Install the "Backup Service Agent" software on your desktop.
    3 Run Backup Service software on your Desktop
    Your OS may ask you to open a Port in your firewall.
    Say "Yes" or "Allow" to this prompt otherwise nothing will work from here on.
    The status at the bottom of the window will report "Bonjour Started"
    4 Start Password Caddy - Go to Backup Screen by pressing the "Backup" icon on the "Caddy Dashboard" screen
    5 The Lower black window will momentarily have a spinner and should progress through the following messages
    The spinner will stop and the two yellow buttons "Backup Caddies" and "Restore Caddies from Backup" will be enabled.
    The desktop client will have the status "Connected to client"
    If this did not seem to work then try tapping the circle w/ an arrow icon at the top left side of the screen.
    6 Once connected tap the button "Backup Caddies"
    The status area have a spinner momentarily while it backs up and read: "Backup Successful"
    The desktop application should also state "Backed up successfully" as well as have a new folder entry in the main view with today's date and current time.

    If you get stuck at any point along the way here please do not hesitate to contact us. When contacting us please include the following:
    1) How far did you get?
    1) What Platform are you on (Windows, Mac) - Try to include specifics such as Vista, Snow Leopard, etc.
    2) What firewall software are you running (You may not know this but if you do let me know)? 
    I will try to help you get the port opened up.