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"Password Caddy features a series of slick animations and sound effects through the app...These little touches make the relatively mundane task of securing your data actually fun." ★★★★★  
"Overall; phenomenal application; 'locked'- solid and excellent quality"

"...this password manager is easier to use than other managers in the app store"
-- Jared Hill of The DailyAppShow

"Password Caddy is well-designed app that meets its intended function with style and simplicity..."
-- Glenn Kunzler TheMacFeed ★★★★★ 
"...Password Caddy’s streamlined interface, subtle yet suitable sound effects, and controls that are smoothly adapted to the iPhone’s touch responsiveness lend the app a very professional feel and make for a great experience"

Password Caddy™ 2.5

Password Caddy™ securely stores your passwords and other private information. Using the same encryption technology that the government uses for its sensitive information your data has never been more secure. Simply remember one password, and let Password Caddy™ remember the rest for you.
With Password Caddy™ you are never more than a couple of taps away from your information. Using categories to store your information you can quickly find the info you are looking for.
Need help creating more secure passwords? Password Caddy™ has a password generator that can generate completely random and secure passwords.

Designed specifically for iOS 5
iCloud Sync
Full Retina Display graphics
Fully customizable
Password generator
Organize with categories
Use templates to get going quickly
100’s of icons to distinguish your data
Open websites in Safari
Copy to clipboard

Security Features:
Strong AES 256 bit encryption